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Hi! My name is Olivia! I am currently in college learning to be a paleontologist! I've created this wiki to share the knowledge I know about dinosaurs! Also with up-to-date knowledge on almost every dinosaur species known! But I need YOUR help to make it happen! Make an account and share your knowledge! Look at new discoveries, our publish new ones that aren't on this wiki!

DinosaurFacts Wiki is not JUST about dinosaurs, you can publish articles about The Ice Age or even the time BEFORE dinosaurs! Add your artwork! (remember to keep it on the topic though, will ya?)

Sauropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic Period


Theropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic Period


Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus from the Jurassic Period


Deinosuchus attacking a Tyrannosaurus rex during the Cretaceous Period


Gorgosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus from the Cretaceous Period


Maiasaura with its nest during the Cretaceous Period