Eoraptor, meaning "dawn lizard" is one of the first dinosaurs to evolve! It lived 225 million years ago, in the late Carnian period of the Triassic, on the Continent Pangaea. At that time, Pangaea was starting to split into the continents Laurasia and Gondwana, and Eoraptor lived on Gondwana. It was first found in Argentina, in 1991 by Ricardo Martinez, but it was named by Paul Sereno. Eoraptor grew to 5 feet long and 30 centimeters tall, and weighed 221 pounds. Eoraptor had 4 fingers on each hand when normally other theropod dinosaurs only have 3. Eoraptor, despite being small, was one the fastest and smartest dinosaurs of its time. It had hollow bones and didn't have the split in the middle of its jaw like other meat-eater dinosaurs had.

Fun Facts

1. Eoraptor is not related to Velcioraptor despite the name.

2. When found, Eoraptor was almost perfectly preserved, which is rare among fossils.

3. Eoraptor was about 220 pounds in weight.

4. Eoraptor lived in a marshy habitat, and it fed on small aquatic animals like fish.